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  • Program Name:

    Sharjah Health Authority    

  • Exam Name:

  • Nurse Exam-,4000 MCQs

  • General practitioner-7000 McQs

  • General Dentist-7000 McQs

  • Family Medicine-8000 McQs

  • Dermatology-4000 McQs

  • Ophthalmology-4000 McQs

  • Orthopedics-5000 McQs

  • Pediatrics-5500 McQs

  • Pharmacist-4000 McQs

  • Physiotherapist-2000 McQs

  • Registered Midwife-2000 McQs

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology-4500 McQs

Sharjah Health Authority

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